Good and Bad


The Kitty-Girl says: My Mum worries too much.

I spend a bit too much time worrying about stuff. Some of it is random…some not so much. Sometimes I find it helpful to make lists as a sort of brain dump, so here we go.

Ten Things I am Currently Worrying About:

1. Acne that just won’t go away (and I can’t really do much about it because of #2)
2. Infertility in general (Grrr.)
3. My blood test tomorrow morning to continue the infertility investigation.
4. My driver’s license is expiring and I need to figure out when I can go and deal with getting a new one.
5. Getting organized.
6. Finding money to get my car serviced.
7. Money in general.
8. My friends who are having a hard time of it for various reasons.
9. My hubby who is stressed out.
10. Thinking of stuff to post on my other blogs.

Now. To counteract the things I am worrying about, I demand that I come up with 10 things that I am happy about! (Wow…I like to order myself around, don’t I?)

Ten Things I Am Happy About:

1. My Sweetie and I have been together for 8 years as of today (married for 5 of those.)
2. My kitty girl may be 16, but she’s still as ornery as ever.
3. I have a job that is much closer to home than my old one.
4. I have a roof over my head.
5. It’s overcast. I love that sort of weather.
6. I bought a new Doctor Who Magazine today.
7. God loves me.
8. I have a great family.
9. I had Friday off of work.
10. Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend is a cute book.

There you go. Ten of the good, ten of the bad.

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