Good & Bad

I was over on Miss Zoot’s blog the other day and she was doing something she called Highs and Lows. This got me to thinking about my Good & Bad post from the other day. In that post I listed 10 things I was worried about and 10 things that make me happy, to balance it out. Zoot’s Post convinced me that I should post stuff like that more often, but confine it to one Good thing and one Bad thing for the day. It’s a good way to sum up your day…and not get too depressed. So…

Good: I got to have Sushi for dinner, and it helped a bit with my uber sinus pressure of doom. My ears popped and everything. All hail wasabi!

Bad: The rude patron who yelled at me for no reason when I was already trying to help him. I am meanly glad that he couldn’t have checked out the hold he came for, as he didn’t have the correct family member’s card with him. (I told him that he wouldn’t be able to check out the item, but he wouldn’t listen to me.)

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