Haiku Week: Friday

This just in:

A film angers me so much
I tell everyone

Okay. It wasn’t all of Red Riding Hood that pissed me off. But…really? They should have just made a film out of Scarlet Moon. RRH included a stereotype of a character that did something that angered me so much I almost saw red for a minute. But, hey, at least Michael Shanks got some work. (No, he didn’t play the angering character. I was just happy to see him, even if they didn’t utilize his acting skills very much.) Growl.

3 Responses to “Haiku Week: Friday”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I’m sorry it angered you. :( And you’re totally right. They should have made my movie instead. :)

  2. Emma Says:

    I don’t know anything about this movie or what might have happened, but…sorry it sucked! At least in part.

  3. angel Says:

    *growls at the film*

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