Does it occur to anyone else that we seem to be “living in interesting times” ?

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  1. Emma Says:

    I don’t know…people have thought that all throughout recorded history. Many people feel something is building and peaking (toward 2012), but how knows. It seems like people always think what happens in their lifetime is the biggest thing that ever happened. Plus, over the past decade, maybe, the media has gotten more and more frenzied. Every election, disaster, economic event, etc. is incredibly dire and groundbreaking according to them. But is it really any different than what’s come before?

  2. angel Says:

    Nope. I’m not saying that these times are necessarily different from any other. Mostly I was thinking about that most potent of curses “may you live in interesting times.”

  3. Emma Says:

    Yeah, I was thinking of that curse, too. I guess the times don’t seem more ‘interesting’ than others to me. BUT maybe that means we are always, eternally “cursed?” That’s a good thought for Monday morning. :)

  4. Celticangel Says:

    Well…it could be just me. I remember a time before the dot bomb when it was easier.

    Oh, well. At least life isn’t boring. :)

  5. Emma Says:


    Just wanted to say that I kind of feel like my comments sounded pissy. I didn’t mean them that way, though. I wanted to leave a little comment to say: Sorry if I seemed pissy!

    I hope tomorrow is less ‘interesting’ and more fun!


  6. angel Says:

    No worries, Em.

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