Home Again Home Again

…And we’re back. From our vacation to visit friends in Florida. And said vacation was fabulous…but tiring. So, it may take a bit to get my act together again. We shall see.

I have the evil vertigo again on top of the usual jet lag. And as it started before I left Florida, let me just say that the trip home was rather entertaining. Every time the plane tilted a little, it felt like I was on a roller coaster. This is how I know that it’s my inner ear being upset again that is causing the vertigo. Either that, or I’m a Time Lady and I can feel the turn of the Earth.


Well, as you can see from the photo above, I managed to get six magnets on the trip. They are now happily on my very bedizened filing cabinet with the others. And by the way? I have a lot of magnets. Dude. I actually had to lean over to add them.

And what did I do on my birthday, you may be asking yourself. Well, I went to tea at the Grand Floridian Hotel (stupendous, by the way) and also…

Yep. Old West Photos for the win! I think I look like I’m going to whack someone with that bottle. So…look out. This is the fourth set of “Olde Timey” photos that my friend She-who-needs-a-nickname and I have done. This time, I got one of me on my lonesome as well. If you’re ever in Kissimmee, Fl stop by the Old Town Portrait Gallery. They do a great job. (And if I get permission, and an actual scanned copy, I’ll put up the other pic, too.)

More as I go through my pics, but for now I’m off to my Thotful Spot. TTFN.

4 Responses to “Home Again Home Again”

  1. Emma Says:

    Welcome back! :)

    That’s an awesome Old West photo!

    Hey, do you have any Philadelphia magnets?

  2. angel Says:

    Thanks. And No, I don’t, but then I’m only allowing myself magnets from places I’ve been.

    Obviously I need to travel to Philadelphia. :D

  3. The Sister Says:

    Love the wild west photo. I did that with Chris once. Sadly…I was the flattest saloon girl in the west. Oh, well.
    Welcome home!

  4. angel Says:

    I’ve never done the Saloon girl version, Sister Mine. Care to try another photo?

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