I Have a Career Path?

Last Wednesday (the 10th) I had a job interview. It wasn’t just any interview. It was for The Job. The one I have been wanting for…8 years or so now. (No, not the Full Time Writer or Travel Blogger one. Perhaps those will be next.)

And I discovered today that I got The Job. I beat out three other people. Go me. (Squee! Gotta go buy the t-shirt I promised myself now.)

I am a Librarian, like my parents before me. I am quite good at reference services, or so I’m told. But really, my heart belongs to Collection Development. And, like a good librarian, I will now give you too much information on the subject.

Collection Development, as its name implies, involves the development of a collection. The first step is the selection of items for the collection (keeping in mind the needs of the users of said collection.) Then comes purchasing (depending upon budgetary constraints) and making sure that you get what you ordered. The items purchased are then processed and get their time on the shelf. This time can vary from very short in the case of paperbacks (not very durable, you know) to “until it up and dies” in the case of classics in a particular field. The final step, as you may have gathered, is “deselection,” other wise known as “weeding.” I love weeding. Yes. This makes me peculiar, even in libraryland. I had a boss once offer to send me to another library to help them with their weeding. There’s even a whole manual dedicated to guidelines for weeding. Mostly, books and other materials are weeded based on condition, usage (or lack thereof), and accuracy. See what I mean? Too much information. Moving on.

So, yeah. My new job, starting on March 8, is Collection Development Adult/Teen. I get to buy stuff for the library system. I was pondering this possibility the other day and it occurred to me that not only do I have a career (which came as a bit of a shock) but I have a career path. I worked with computers before the dot bomb, then I spent five and a half years working with teens and three working with adults. Now, I’m moving on to specializing in something I’ve already done a fair amount of while working with teens and adults.

Dude. I’m a grown up. How weird is that?

7 Responses to “I Have a Career Path?”

  1. Susan Says:

    All I can say is WOOT! and Mazel Tov! and Welcome to the 2nd floor! Things are looking up around here :) Big question on FremontLibraries blog…who is your replacement?

  2. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    Ahh, now your Tweet makes sense. Mazel Tov, my friend!!! Whenever you’d like to acquire some Demo Tapes, holler.

  3. Steph Says:

    :D Congrats!!

  4. angel Says:

    Susan, thanks! Replacement? Well…if Sallie gets her way in negotiations…me.

    SHG, thank you kindly. I’ll let you know when I know what the heck I’m doing. :D

    Thanks, Steph!

  5. Susan Says:

    It is best not to have to “masters”. You cannot be the ONLY person in ACL/FRM that can manage the blog. Just saying.

  6. Susan Says:

    And…if you need to write for blogs, fb, tw, etc. there will be other opportunities over here. Just saying. Again.

  7. angel Says:

    I know, Susan. I’m thinking it has something to do with the amount of vacancies at FRM. I don’t think it’s a permanent situation. In any case, I should have Monday posts for the year done before I leave. So, it wouldn’t be dormant either way.

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