I walked the whole thing…thought I was gonna die.

Today I went for a walk with Koshvader.

Sounds simple, right? A nice relaxing stroll, perhaps?


To be honest, it was more of a recon mission to start with. I don’t like how there seems to be only one avenue of access and egress from the area where I live. It could be problematic in the case of some huge disaster. Paranoid? Maybe. More specifically, I just like to be prepared. So, I checked out the satellite view of the area, and I made a wee discovery. There is a path that goes the opposite way of that previously mentioned “Way Out.” Best to check it out, yes?

Do y’all remember what I’ve said about how you could end up anywhere if you get into a car with Koshvader? Yeah. Turns out it’s the same when going on foot. When I got home a couple of hours after leaving i went over to google maps to let you see where we’d gone.

The results are below…
(Start at the top left of each map and follow the blue line.)

We started out on the bike path (which I noticed is totally wide enough for my car. In case of emergency, and providing that the path doesn’t flood or the bridge fall, we’re one bolt cutter away from sneaking out the back.) and it was quite a pleasant little walk. …But then we turned right.

And walked past an empty office building and down a street…and kept going.

And ended up on a street that WOULD NOT END. …Though it did have a bunch of duck crossing signs. I hope that my photos came out.

And we walked and walked…until we reached a shopping area that Koshvader occasionally frequents. Luckily, they had an Amici’s Pizza place, as I had to sit down for a while. I really wish that I could teleport or had someone who could have come to pick us up. No dice.

In the end, we just reversed course and went home. Ow. I mean, yeah, we need to exercise more, and yeah, I need to lose 20 pounds…but surely you aren’t supposed to do all of that at once? I’m sorry that I don’t know where my pedometer went to. No idea how far we actually walked.

Still, quite the adventure…with a bit of love from a passing dog for spice. Next time perhaps we’ll try another direction. And in the meantime, I now know how to get out the back way, just in case.

6 Responses to “I walked the whole thing…thought I was gonna die.”

  1. Emma Says:

    Wow, that does look like quite a walk! (Did you see any twin dolphins?)

  2. angel Says:

    I didn’t see any twin dolphins…but this does not preclude their existence.

  3. Wesley Catlin Says:

    My treadmill doesn’t even go that far. Dad

  4. angel Says:

    What if you put wheels on it, Dad? ;)

  5. Steph Says:

    0.0 That’s one lonnnnnnnnnnnnng walk.

  6. angel Says:

    Boy howdy. I’d rather avoid doing that again.

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