I’m Alright…

But my car is not.

So there we were, minding our own business, driving straight and at a slow pace headed for the freeway on-ramp, when this white Corvette exits the freeway too fast and loses control. We didn’t see that at first. What we saw was the car in front of us do this funny little swerve that we couldn’t figure out. Then there was the one second of “Oh No!” And then…Bam! We managed to get to the side of the road, but now my poor baby car won’t start. (I dunno how fast the guy was going, but he hit us quite hard.)

We’re okay (mostly), just banged up a bit from the seat belts and what not. I can tell, however, that tomorrow will be distinctly un-fun already. Sigh.


9 Responses to “I’m Alright…”

  1. Elisa Jenkins Says:

    Ouch!!! Glad to hear you’re Ok. I can TOTALLY sympathize since I’ve done the same thing twice in the past year. Rest up for a few days and you’ll be good as new.

  2. Emma Says:

    Oh, that stinks!! :( I’m glad it wasn’t worse, though.

    Take it easy!

  3. Winnie Says:

    Sounds scary! Hope you are feeling okay.

  4. lisa-marie Says:

    Was the guy charged with reckless driving? I hope he has good insurance. If not, you can always sue him!!(you can always do that anyway, if you like!)

  5. Jeremy Steadman Says:

    I’m glad you made it through your ordeal–but if there’s any chance, ANY chance, you have a head injury, PLEASE go to a hospital immediately! A head injury is not something to fool around with.

    Yes, I speak from experience. And wish I couldn’t. Feel well!

  6. pussreboots Says:

    File a police report if you haven’t already. Cars can be repaired. People can’t so easily. I’m glad you were wearing your seat belt and weren’t seriously hurt.

  7. The Sister Says:

    Hey. Thanks 2 you and Hubby for calling me and for posting the photo. It was hard to visualize the extent of the car damage. Guess we’ll see if they can fix it. Fingers, legs, toes crossed that you dont have to get another car. Hugs.

  8. angel Says:

    Thanks everyone. The police were already there when we pulled to the side of the road. Heck after a minute or two we had CHP, Paramedics, AND a fire truck. Ive no idea about the other folks as they ended up on the other side of the busy street. (which we weren’t allowed to cross by the CHP.) They looked to be walking around okay, though.

  9. Sally Says:

    I missed you at work today, then saw the note that said you were in a crash. Hope you both are doing okay. Take care, and see you soon.

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