I’m In a Really Good Mood

…and I don’t often get to say that.

I actually left my house with my Sweetie and went to visit other people…that weren’t my parents. Pretty much unheard of so far this year. I mean…I went to the Talkies the other day. Did you know that films have sound now? Yeah. That’s about how often we get out. We went and hung out with a group of friends which included my nearly 4-year-old almost-nephew, Leo. And we had *way* too many fireworks and real food, including sausage that I can eat. They even had something that I could drink that was neither alcoholic nor caffeinated. Woo Hoo! (Okay, so it was mint tea. I *love* mint tea.) I got to play with Leo after his “if you want to stay up for fireworks you must have a nap now” nap. Better yet? I got to watch my Hubby play with him. They worked on a puzzle together. :)

I got a little choked up, actually. My sweetie is good with kids when he gets the chance.

These friends are really more like family (well, one of them is my sister-in law, actually) so spending the 4th with them was just *so* relaxing and fun. Even if the fireworks were a bit much for me. I’m not big on the loud noises. But I got to play with sparklers, which I apparently still enjoy. All in all a good time was had by everyone. (I even got to read Leo a bedtime story. He always asks me to read him stuff. This time I was more of a bribe to get him to bed.)

Oh! If I ever get copies of any of the pictures that one of the gang took, I post it here. They were *really* cool!

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