Sometimes when I’m tired (or ill) I can get fixated on something. The other day when I was both, I got really fixated on the Last Person on Earth (LPoE) scenario.

Like. Really Fixated. In fact I thought about it a little too much and kinda freaked myself out.

And let me tell you, I do not ever want to be the LPoE.

I mean, even if you go with the cleanest option: You wake up one morning and everyone everywhere is just…gone. For whatever reason (magic/aliens/etc.) you are it. (And in case you have not already gone there, the other options include various versions of bodies everywhere.)

Okay, it’s just you. But the next question becomes: did all the pets get left behind? You can see already why I quickly horrified myself. Would you spend the next week systematically going from dwelling to dwelling madly setting animals free, because there’s no way that you can feed all of them yourself…

If there are no pets left behind…does that then mean that no animals at all are left? What would that do to the ecosystem? How would that impact long term survival of the LPoE?

Let’s pretend that only the indoor pets disappeared (except mine and the Corgi down the way, because reasons). Where do you go? What do you do? It’s tempting to just travel across the landmass and see what’s been left behind, but how would you do that? What parts of civilization are automatic and require no oversight? How long would they run before they would require repairs? How long would it take for Nature to completely retake everything for its own? What if you are the LPoE and have no idea how to repair much of anything?

I think this is your best bet, and those of you who have a zombie apocalypse survival plan may be a step ahead of me here.

1) Choose a fallback position. Where in your general area is: seismically stable, the best weather you can find, near potable water (but not so near as to deal with flooding), has pre-existing crops of some kind, but is near a largish town? Preferably this place has a pre-existing defensible structure that wouldn’t be terribly difficult to repair at need, but for preference is built to last.

2) How do you get there? Are the gas pumps still working on their own? Do you know where some of the older kind are that have very little in the way of computer parts? (Though you will probably pass any number of cars that you could use for a while, but every time you would have to repack the car.)

3) Provisions. You could probably survive for a couple of years on the stuff in tins once the more perishable things go off. But…what then?

Say you got the perfect place, you got enough provisions, and then enough books to tell you what to do next. Then what? How would you spend the rest of your life? Personally, I’d probably redecorate a small town to my whim if i survived. That and end up with a highly suspect fashion sense (more so than now). But at least no one would be there to care when I talked to myself, and the whole planet would be mine so I could start wearing a crown if I wanted to. Good thing I’ve practiced my royal wave. By the time the aliens realized that they missed me, they’d probably turn around and run the other way…

So…if anyone has suggestions for good fallback positions in California, please comment and let me know. Just in case.

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