My Hair *was* Boring

So, I was walking along in the mall the other Sunday, minding my own business and looking at pocket watches.

Yes, pocket watches. They’re cool, and I want one. Well, that and I seem to have an allergy to nickel or some such metal, so wearing a wristwatch tends to be rash inducing.

Anyway, I caught a glimpse of my image in one of the many mirrors, and I became instantly convinced that my generally glum mood had something to do with the fact that my hair was boring (and for some reason this made me feel ugly…don’t ask). You have to understand that my hair is generally long. (I saw Star Wars at a very young age, you see, and ever since I have wanted to have Princess Leia’s hair in the award scene at the end.) Lately, though, long has translated to “in the way” and “flat.” Plus, as I have rarely seen the light of day of late (I need to get out more), the many different colors that naturally occur in my hair have become sort of…dishwater blond-ish. You can see why I might like to have a Lady’s Maid with a talent for hairstyling. As I have neither title nor riches (yet!), I decided on the spot that I needed a change. Now, my husband loves my hair long, but he doesn’t have the time to be a stand-in Lady’s Maid (and he can’t French Braid). Maybe it was the onset of Spring, I dunno, but I went out and got the most expensive hairstyle of my life. I’m still a bit shocked about the price, frankly. But my hair has life and color again. Three extra colors to be exact. It’s amazing what a nice new look will do for you. Well, that and my husband’s reaction didn’t hurt…he took me out to dinner and spent the whole time smiling at me.

I think I’ll keep him, and my new hairstyle. It *is* spring after all.

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