My Hair…She is Red

I thought that you might be interested in a little bit of history before I make with the pictures. I was born with Strawberry Blond hair, and it stayed that way until I was about two years old. By that point I was sort of blond. By which I mean, several different colors that conspired to look blond together. When streaking your hair was really in back in the 80s, I didn’t have to do anything apart from hang out in the sun a bit. When I went away to college, I decided to dye my hair red for Halloween and I loved the effect. I have red hair skin, you see, and my eyebrows are sort of brown. Every year after that I used Halloween as my excuse to dye my hair red each year. After a while, I would dye my hair when it got boring. For a couple of years I even had Rogue’s hair, red with a blond streak. I’ve had highlights, lowlights, you name it. This last spring I had an attack of the “OMG, my hair is boring” and went out to get it cut and colored. (Layered it and added three colors.)

My hair grows really fast, and it tends to shed color over time. So, when I went in to get a trim this weekend, all of the layers had pretty much grown out. Seeing as I will be working on Halloween this year, and my current job had yet to encounter my love of playing with my hair, I thought it was time to bring back a tradition.

My hair before:


The color is a bit off in this photo, but really, it’s close enough. Like my shower curtain?

My hair after:


Look! Bright red that looks strangely good with my skin tone and greenish eyes. Also…my camera balancing trick. My husband was kind enough to spend the time to do the actual dye application. He’s quite meticulous. It’ll fade to just a normal red in a week or two, but that’ll be fun too. It’s certainly one way to brighten up things around here. *grin*

5 Responses to “My Hair…She is Red”

  1. Mallory Says:

    Your hair looks great! I like to go red around Halloween, too. My natural color is kind of strawberry blonde. I am going to be “Mrs. Weasley” from Harry Potter for Halloween so I have an excuse to go red. Gorgeous!

  2. Audrey Says:

    Your hair looks awesome. When I dye my hair (bc of all the gray) I dye it red, too. :-)

  3. angel Says:

    Mallory, I just have to laugh, because I’m going to be Lily Potter for Halloween. Great Minds Think Alike! And thanks.

    Audrey, thanks! Red is such a fun color, isn’t it? I try a new red almost every time.

  4. Emma Says:

    You have great hair! The red does look very natural, too!

  5. Celticangel Says:

    Thanks, Emma.

    I’m thinking I might go for Auburn next time. :D

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