My Sister Has Been Scanning in Photos Again…

Yep. My mighty sister has been using the scanner again. Look at the gems she found! (If you want to see bigger versions go here.)


This pic seems to have been taken in 1976. I’m only guessing by the apparent age of the twins, but it’s in that area. We’re in the front room of the two-story house that the family built (my father’s family lived downstairs.)


Here we see my little sister in The Dress. (My dad bought it. It was might fine for twirling in.) I think that my Mum made the one I’m wearing.

And yes. I’ll say it. Dude. My folks look so young! I’m pretty sure that they’re younger than me in these photos.

3 Responses to “My Sister Has Been Scanning in Photos Again…”

  1. The Sister Says:

    Funny you should mention that! I think Mom and Dad are my age in the top photo. The second is less clear to me. I think they were about 37.

    Mom is very fond of that icy green color.

    Glad to amuse you. :) Thanks for letting be pepper you with random stuff yesterday.

  2. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    The third one, the one you sent me the link to but didn’t post here, would be AWESOME at Awkward Family Photos.

    Not that I’ve got the time to properly torture you or anything. But you might want to torture your sister…

  3. angel Says:

    Sister Mine…please scan more. Please?

    Thanks for the suggestion Susan! (*giggle*)

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