My Skull: Harder Than I Thought


Another reason to want to win the lottery: A 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Howdy folks. Remember the time that I set the kitchen on fire?


Well, I’d think that said Kitchen was out for revenge if I didn’t know that I am totally accident prone. You see, on Saturday I made pizza. (I know. I cooked. Don’t be too shocked.) And as I was taking the pizza out of the oven a couple of things happened at once. I burned my left arm on the oven door and my oven mitt stopped being oven-y enough. Ouch! No harm no foul, don’t worry.

Okay. Maybe a bit of harm, but nothing big. Just a red mark on my arm, which went really nicely with the bruise I got walking into a sticky-out bit of moulding that they have on the columns at work the other day. Don’t say that I can’t accessorize. (Also? What is with that design feature? Anyone?)

And that was it until Sunday evening, at which point I ventured into the kitchen to get a bottle of water to go with my tasty french toast. (Yes. Two days of cooking. A record?) Now, we keep our not-yet-refrigerated water in the space between the fridge and the start of the cabinets. I leaned over to grab a bottle from its spot, and in standing up managed to slam the top of my head into the pointy bit on the corner of the kitchen counter. Really hard. I must have made some really terrible noise, ’cause the next thing I knew, Koshvader was standing next to me demanding to know what was wrong. Then, of course, the phone started ringing, but we ignored it. I think I might have been too busy swearing. Not sure. Wow that hurt. But I think my low blood pressure finally came in handy for something, as I barely bled at all. And upon closer inspection, the *very* sharp corner of the counter is now slightly chipped. Ha! Skull: 1, Counter: 0. Downside? Now that it is a couple of days later, my head itches right where the cut is. Ah well. At least that means it’s healing, right?

For the record: So far this week I’ve managed to bang my knee a couple of times and had a cat leap into my lap, with claws extended. I’m going with the accident-prone thing rather than the Revenge of My Kitchen. Votes?

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