Ninjas and Spam

Okay. I just have to start off here by noting that only I could get spam from ” discount medieval books” and “Swarovski.” That is just so random. Next it’ll be an advert for sedan chairs or cat sweaters. Perhaps a Steampunk shoestore?

Right. On to the ninja part. Today I encountered a DVD set called “Art of the Ninja.” And it occurred to me…If a ninja made a throwing star out of one of those DVDs, then used it to kill someone…would it be like signing his work? I could see the investigation looking something like this:

A Detective enters the room to find a Sergent already on the scene getting a closer look at the victim.

Detective: So, what have we got?

Sergent: I’m thinking Ninja attack, sir.

Detective: Ninja?

Sergent: (points at the throwing star embedded in the victim’s chest) This star seems to have been made out of an “Art of the Ninja” DVD. Also, there were no signs of forced entry or a struggle. The usual Ninja markers, except that this one seems to have…signed his handy work.

Detective: Oh, I see. Ah well, check everything for fingerprints just in case. You never know.

Sergent: Yes, sir.

There you are. A window into my thought process. I think that I’ve been weeding videotapes too long.

2 Responses to “Ninjas and Spam”

  1. The Sister Says:

    LOL. Only you, Lady.

  2. angel Says:


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