Notebook #2 – The Red One


This evening I went back to my Great Stack of Notebooks and pulled a red notebook out of the middle. Let’s investigate it together, shall we?

This notebook seems to date from my Master’s Program. The date on the first page is 4/24/00, though I did find some pages from 1999 as well. I found all sorts of notes from my classes, but some of the notes are a bit difficult to figure out. They’re more along the lines of Mysterious Utterances.

A few examples:

“Make 19 photocopies of Planet Biblio.”

“Luddites with bandwidth.” (Sounds like a band name)

“The Day the Earth Didn’t Move Around Too Much.”

“In sometimes painful detail.”

“8,000 Libs 1 door.”

See what I mean? The rest of the notes are boring. So, I’m going to share my [tag]doodles[/tag] with you instead…


It would appear that I needed to purchase a hamper at this point. Check out the little Viking helmet. And yes, hearts are my all time favorite [tag]doodle[/tag]. Do you have favorite doodles?


Here we see another perennial favorite, the combined sun/moon. Eventually the nose would become part of the moon. Hmm…I wonder what future archaeologists will make of the evolution of doodles.


Here we see my repeated attempts to doodle the American Sign Language for “I Love You.” It would seem that my doodle is left-handed. No idea why that is.


A Ha! Here we see something written in a runic alphabet that one of my High School friends developed. What does it say? Well…three words are in English, and two in French. Basically…well…I was saying that I loved my fellow. That is to say, Koshvader. A bit embarrassing, really.


And finally, we see that my perpetual state of tired has been around for quite a while. I even wrote “sleep” in Cyrillic. I must have forgotten how to actually say it in Russian.

There you go. [tag]Notebook[/tag] number two. Now all I need to do is determine if I actually need to keep any of these notes. Then I can recycle what I don’t need, and I have another notebook to use. There are lots of blank pages left.

5 Responses to “Notebook #2 – The Red One”

  1. Emma Says:

    That’s a neat peak into your doodlations! :)

    I’m not sure what my favorite doodle is. I guess I actually don’t doodle very much these days, which might not be a good thing.

    Adorable viking helmet!

  2. The Sister Says:

    Bug eyed cartoon animals are all I seem to manage. Funny entry, Lee.

  3. angel Says:

    I give you homework, Emma. When you are bored in a meeting, why not try a new doodle? Just wait. One of these days, I may actually locate one of my notebooks with the destruction doodles.

    ha HA! I have amused you, Jives. Tee hee.

  4. Liz Says:

    I have had various doodles. when i was designing each of my tattoos I have had irresistable urges to draw and re-draw the designs. the Sun on my back? at least a dozen different ideas, patterns, colors, how to do the face, the rays … the wheel on my shoulder, 3 or four pages of variations.

    Mostly in my life I think I have done word-doodles… I haven’t been very confident on my drawing ability most of my life, so… hm. I’m going to think on this a wee bit.

  5. Tiffani Samain Says:

    Thanks for the great info, I will definitely be back!

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