Notes from a Notebook

I’m working my way through yet another notebook. Surprised? No? Well…neither am I, really. Just to keep you all amused I will share with you a few excerpts I have run across…

From a page with notes for a fanfiction that I don’t remember anything about I found this amusing note:
Doctor’s Answering Machine Message: “Off saving the Universe. Back in 5 minutes. Please leave a message.”

Smack dab in the middle of a to do list is this mysterious note:
“My brain feels like it’s moving through treacle” (I guess that I must have been feeling a bit tired on 4/11/06.)

Apparently, I was planning at one point to make a playlist called “Obscure joy.” I wonder where that idea came from.

How about this one? I have a note (from 4/21/07) that says “Everything was going fine until the Royal Family arrived.” Do I even want to know what was going on before they arrived? [edit: I have found the story that this came from! It appears to be an unfinished chapter of a fanfiction. Mystery solved!]

How about this for an obscure note? “Himself” instead of “his heart”? (Yes, that question mark is part of the note. Again, I mystify myself.)

…And that’s only the first third of the notebook. Stay tuned for more (when I’m done typing up the story that I found.)

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