Of Hair and Mystery


I’ve decided to name the unknown plant in the corner of my garden…Austin Powers: International Plant of Mystery.

Just so you know.

Musings on Saturday:

Saturday we shopped, as we have a little money right now, and soon we will have a lot less. We stopped by ULTA and made a hair appointment for Koshvader straight away. Then lunch. Which I didn’t eat much of, as I had in fact eaten before my fellow had gotten up. Then we went to the mall. I had a fruit craving, so I got a smoothie before anything else. (Translation: I stared in horror at the seriously disorganized line. Tried to talk Koshvader into putting off the smoothie until later to avoid attempting to figure out where said line ended. Koshvader stood firm, however, and the confusing line was conquered in due course.) Originally, I had planned to come to the mall to buy clothing, but we ended up in the kitchen/home area of Macy’s somehow instead. There we purchased a small vacuum for the stairs and a griddle that you can put over two burners on the stove. I need a griddle if I am to finally make crumpets, you see. We ended up saving $80 on these purchases. (Yes, I called my parents to share the Sale Squee.)

By this point it was time to go to the hair appointment. Our hair-stylist insisted that she could do both of us, so after Koshvader’s hair was done (and my, he looks nice) it was my turn. It would seem that my hair makes our stylist a bit crazed. Every time she sees me, it looks the same, she said. So, instead of just taking off two inches from the bottom, I have a new, sexier haircut. Everyone seems to like it so far, but it is a bit weird having such a light head.

Once we were done with hair, we decided to ignore responsibilities for the evening (’cause really, they’re always there. You have to make time for fun, or you won’t have any.) And went out to get tickets to the cinema. Our plan was to see different films at the same time. That didn’t work out. I wanted to see Nim’s Island, but it was sold out. So, we got two tickets to the new Harold and Kumar film. (No, I haven’t seen the first one.) And then went off to have sushi. Yum.

Done eating, and with time to kill, we went back to the mall to get clothing. This time we managed it, but I still didn’t find any new work shoes. Hanging out at Border’s afterwards did bring two surprises. 1) I already had the Torchwood and Doctor Who Magazines and 2) Someone had re-arranged three of the Sue Grafton Alphabet Mysteries to spell NOM. Needless to say, I LOLd.

And then we saw the film. I still can’t decide if I liked it or not. On the one hand, much of the humour was not my thing. But on the other hand, it actually had a couple of layers to it. The parts with a certain celebrity were amusing, in any case.

When we finally made it home, I fell over with a thud into bed, knowing full well that I had a party to attend the next day. So…I had to put off watching Doctor Who.

Oh, the tragedy.

7 Responses to “Of Hair and Mystery”

  1. Emma Says:

    =) That’s a good name for that plant! Highly mysterious.

    Sounds like a good day out on Saturday. NOM.

    Is this the most recent Doctor Who with the new companion? (I don’t see these until they come out on DVD.) I am so leary of this new one. I loved Rose and Martha was awesome. This one was in that little thing and I hated her. :(

  2. angel Says:

    Oh, Emma. Donna certainly keeps the Doctor in line, and keeps him from brooding. Fear not.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I know that plant! Its called “Ground Ivy”. It is considered a weed but is also a spring tonic herb that is soooo good for you. i have yet to try it, nor would I recommend you do so either. But there. Plant identified. I actually like your name much better.

  4. angel Says:

    Lindsay, you have named Austin! Thank you kindly. :)

  5. ella Says:

    i know it’s been years since you posted this photo of austin the plant and he may be even dead by now, but i think i might know what he is – i suspect he’s a bull mallow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malva_nicaeensis
    if i’m right – it’s edible and actually quite tasty. it’s good for soup and pie’s and such. in israel we call it “hubeza”.
    anyway, i discovered your blog yesterday and been exploring it since. highly enjoyable. thank you!

  6. angel Says:

    Hi Ella. Thanks for stopping by. :) I just posted a cat video if you need a bit of amusement.

    Question: Is “hubeza” pronounced the way it’s spelled? hyu-bez-uh?

    And as for Austin, he keeps dying back and returning. I think he has an evil plan to eat my satellite dish.

  7. ella Says:

    it’s the cat video, among other posts, that convinced me i’m in the right place to begin with.
    hubeza is actually the arabic word for the plant, and is pronounced as i spelled it. we have a word in hebrew for it, which nobody ever uses – halamit (it just doesn’t sound write).
    i suggest you eat austin before he eats your sat dish. it’s ok, i think it would be considered self defence.

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