Of Lent and Stack Shifting


One of my friends had a brilliant idea that I am going to blatantly er…borrow. (all hail earlgreytea68!) Instead of coming up with yet another food to give up for lent this year, as I already have to be really careful about what I eat, I am going to list one thing that makes me happy for each day. Some days this may be more difficult than others, but it should be interesting to see how this works. Let’s get to it!

Happiness for 25 February:

Listening to [tag]Big Finish Audio[/tag]‘s first Benny Summerfield audio adventure “Oh No it Isn’t” on the way home in my car. It features a plot which involves all of the characters finding themselves in Pantoland. It’s hilarious. I love British Pantomime. I giggled all the way home.

In other news, I have finished the actual moving part of the Great A/V Shift at work. I managed to get some preliminary stuff moved on Monday, but the major moving itself took 2.5 hours on Tuesday morning with the help of one mighty helper and a bunch of library carts. We managed to finish before we opened. Yay! My right arm is killing me. Boo! Ah well. I’m almost done with the adjustments that will allow us to actually have enough space for future additions to the collection. This is good, as I know perfectly well what we are getting as I’m helping with the A/V enrichment list. (I love collection development, by the way.)

Well, I’d better get off to bed, as I have a meeting tomorrow morning that I really don’t want to deal with. I’ll need to be awake for that. Ayep.

3 Responses to “Of Lent and Stack Shifting”

  1. Emma Says:

    I like the happy-things idea! :)

  2. Ann Says:

    Cool idea. And don’t ya just love spending other people’s money? :)

  3. angel Says:

    Thanks, Ann & Emma. I’m finding it a most interesting experience.

    And yeah. I love the spending other people’s money thing.

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