Of Tabs and Reading Bears


Hello all. It’s another of those entertaining brain dump posts. This time I have a mascot for the event. I was walking through the library recently, and when I reached the Children’s section (well, specifically the Parenting Collection in the Children’s Section) what did I see? The resident huge bear sitting in a chair reading a book. I couldn’t resist.

* Speaking of things I can’t resist, you should really stop by and check out my friend Emma’s blogs – Treehouse Jukebox and Phoenixville 365, her celebration of her new town in pictures.

* Have you been keeping up with my travels over at my Where’s Calliope blog? I’m slowly but surely posting my Reno adventures over there. I suppose I would be faster if I hadn’t taken 405 photos while I was gone.

* Have you seen Iron Man 2? Wanna see the folks from Think Geek recreate a scene (and showcase their new product)? Check it out here.

* If you like a spot of Library humour, and have ever done any book weeding, you will love Awful Library Books. (Check out this Computer Book!)

* Do you like Doctor Who? How about Trock (a.k.a. Time Lord Rock)? if you said yes to both, check out the music video for Chameleon Circuit’s song Type 40.

* Hey! Who’s the Cutest?

4 Responses to “Of Tabs and Reading Bears”

  1. Emma Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! =D

    I am already loving this Awful Library Books site. Hahaha!

    Thanks for bringing all these fun bits to my day. :)

  2. angel Says:

    You’re welcome. :)

    The computer books on the Awful Books site today are just wrong.

  3. The Sister Says:


  4. angel Says:

    Totally, Sister Mine. The King of all Jahboo, I should think.

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