Photo Post

When I was on my way home from work yesterday, I called KoshVader to ask him where he was. It turned out that he was up in San Francisco near the Cliff House. He’d gone up there with the intent to take some photos. He complained about the light and such, but when he came home he had these three photos here, among others. He refuses to get a flickr account, so I am posting them here for you all to enjoy.




3 Responses to “Photo Post”

  1. The Sister Says:

    Wow, Man! Seriously…those photos are calender worthy. Love them. Wish you could point and shoot for a living. That ain’t just your camera. Those are some really awesome shots! Good eye. And happy father’s day, Meow Poppa! :)

  2. Emma Says:

    Those are beautiful! Thank you for a shot of OCEAN this morning!

  3. angel Says:

    Sister Mine, he thanks you for the complements. :D Actually, I’m tempted to give out calendars for Xmas this year.

    Emma, doesn’t he do great work? You’re welcome.

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