Random Review: Ginger Beer (by the ginger people)

I’m been meaning to review random things (in an admittedly random nature) on this blog for sometime. So I have chosen to begin with a ginger beer that my sister got for me when she was visiting this weekend.

Random Review: Ginger Beer as made by the ginger people.

If you like the taste of ginger, this is the ginger beer for you. Not too sweet and with that ginger spiciness I like. Yep. Nice and refreshing. I would definitely drink this again, even given that I don’t drink soda pop these days. (By the way, it’s carbonated enough to foam over in the bottle if you’re not careful, so watch out for that. Not that that happened to me or anything.)

Question: Am I the only one who wonders if “the ginger people” are all redheads? Just me then? That’s about par for the course.

8 Responses to “Random Review: Ginger Beer (by the ginger people)”

  1. Emma Says:

    I like that cute ginger creature! :)

  2. angel Says:

    Me too, emma. So cute!

  3. The Sister Says:

    Definitely superior to the Ginger Beer I have been buying. Score another one for those lovely Ginger Folks! How does one become a Ginger Person? Glad you liked it. :)

  4. angel Says:

    It turns out that I get to drink the Mother-in-Law’s too. :D

  5. The Sister Says:

    Score! She knows its not really beer….right?

  6. angel Says:

    Yep. She tried a bit of mine. Said it tasted like petroleum. I’m wondering how she knew what petroleum tastes like…

  7. The Sister Says:

    LOL. Good point. Petroleum…huh. Interesting. It certainly doesn’t smell like Petroleum distillates…I can assure you of that!

  8. angel Says:

    That’s right. You’d know about petroleum wouldn’t you? :)

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