RIP Merry 2002-2016

When Merry was a kitten, and really through much of her life, she was the invisible cat. She wasn’t 20 lbs and talkative like her brother Pippin. She wasn’t stripy and friendly like Sam. She was the small black cat no one ever saw. I mean, really. She was like cat Houdini. Like…”How did you wind up there??” Then spend the evening trying to find her, and no, she was just hiding in the shadows under the bed the whole time. (At least…we’re pretty sure.)

Luckily, she mellowed some as she got older, and slowly became more visible and affectionate. …And talkative. (Unless someone else was in the house. Then good luck finding her.)

Another thing she had no use for was the other cats. Any other cats. You could tell she was thinking, “Go away kid, you bother me.” Regardless of age of said animal. Annoy her at your peril! She was wicked accurate with a flying paw.

We miss you, little lady. May you find the best sunbeam in kitty heaven.

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