Saturday Confession: Some things I like

Right before Christmas, I was in Fry’s Electronics and I encountered the Coast display pictured above. …And I could only stand there giggling until Koshvader found me, because…

Saturday Confession: I collect flashlights…and knives. It was like they’d created an entire display just for me! As you might imagine, Koshvader just rolled his eyes at me. …But he did give me a paring knife by W├╝sthof for Christmas, so I expect he understands.

As far as flashlights go, well, I have one on my keychain, one that is a sonic screwdriver, a couple that belong in my purse, one of those Tripod ones, etc. I even have one that is a frog keychain, and when you open its mouth a little red light comes on.

What interesting thing are you prone to collecting?

5 Responses to “Saturday Confession: Some things I like”

  1. Jaime Says:

    As collections go, flashlights could end up being pretty cool. I’ve seen all sorts.

    I accumulate rather than actively collect notebooks and pens… Such is a writer’s life. :)

  2. Dianne Says:

    Your collections are very useful, especially the flashlights. I collect fabric. You can make so many beautiful things with it. I try not to go to fabric stores more than a couple of times a month so I don’t see and buy too much fabric. Did I mention how much I like sewing and quilting books?

  3. angel Says:

    So true, Jaime. :) For me, pens are more of an addiction…ditto notebooks. Office supply stores are dangerous places, you know?

    Yep. I’ve seen your collection, Mom. At least you make stuff with the fabric. I’d just buy it because it was pretty…and it would sit around gathering dust.

  4. The Sister Says:

    Turtle stuff…and thank you, Mojo for giving me a reason to display and buy more. :)

  5. angel Says:

    All hail Mojo!

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