Saturday Confession

Just a little something to amuse you of a Saturday. (There may be more on some future Saturday…who knows?)

My Saturday Confession:
I have never seen Gone With the Wind. (But I hear that tomorrow is another day…)

6 Responses to “Saturday Confession”

  1. Emma Says:

    I like the idea of Saturday Confessions.

    I haven’t seen it either! :)

  2. angel Says:

    At least I’m not alone. :)

  3. The Sister Says:

    LOVE the photo. I have only seen a few scenes from Gone With The Wind. I question if I could sit through the whole thing.

  4. angel Says:

    Thank you, Sister Mine. Perhaps I shan’t bother then?

  5. Steph Says:

    Haven’t seen it either! I tried to watch it, but didn’t get very far!

  6. angel Says:

    Sounds like I won’t be bothering then, Steph. Ah well.

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