Saturday Confessions: Romances

For my second Saturday Confession, I offer my view on a certain genre of books:

I like Romances.
Quite a bit, actually. In general, though, I prefer the ones that aren’t solely based on “relationship problems.” You know, the ones where there’s a baddie out to get them, etc. Yep. Romances. And someday I may actually finish writing one.

3 Responses to “Saturday Confessions: Romances”

  1. Emma Says:

    Write one for NaNoWriMo!

  2. Jaime Says:

    I love romances, too. I’m writing one right now. :) (And the kind where a baddie is out to get them.)

  3. angel Says:

    This year, I’m technically not doing NaNo, Emma. I am, however, spending the month working on my WIPs. And poetry. So…at least I will be writing. That’s good, yes?

    I would like to read that please, Jaime. :D

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