Shoes & Coats

My brain seems to be on hold this week. I swear that I can hear a test pattern sometimes. (For those of you who have never encountered a test pattern, that’s what used to be on TV channels when they went off the air for the night. I suppose that was before they invented infomercials.)

Anyway, the one thing I have been using brainspace for this week is…being girly. I mean, my sister would be shocked. (Are you sitting down, Sister Mine?)

I have been surfing fashion websites. No joke. I mean…I knew that I liked shoes and coats. I have a whole collection of coats, and not nearly enough boots…but high fashion websites? No accounting for it.

So I ask you, oh readers of this blog, if you had all kinds of money what coat or pair of shoes would you buy? Anyone?

Personally, I like these boots, and just look at this coat! (Mind you, I prefer grey or black…or even blue to that color.)

4 Responses to “Shoes & Coats”

  1. Emma Says:

    I’d buy one of Katwise’s many amazing coats!
    Here’s an example:

  2. The Vig Says:

    Debbie just bought me a grey London Fog trench coat to allow me to retire the one I have had since UCD days.

    I wish I knew why London Fog stopped making this coat. Thank God for Ebay!

  3. angel Says:

    Emma, those look really cool!

    Vig, you don’t happen to keep a sword in it…do you?

  4. The Vig Says:

    Only if I go to NJ :)

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