Shop ‘Til You Drop


Friday was the very definition of “shop ’til you drop.” Seriously. I started out with some grocery shopping, at…11am? I finally arrived home to stay at 9pm. May I just say… Oy!

Normally I’m more of a spend-three-hours-at-the-mall-I’m-exhausted type of person. It’s an [tag]HSP[/tag] thing. The mall is the definition of lots of sensory input. The worst shop for that sort of thing is The Sharper Image. They have something like 10 different commercials running in a constant loop in there. All at the same time. Bleh.

Anyway, this time I 1) got a bunch of stuff done and 2) got to go shopping with my Sister-in-law. So, while the day was exhausting, I actually had quite a good time.

My day of much too much shopping by Me


The Beginning:
I started out my shopping day at the [tag]British Food Center[/tag] in San Carlos. I try to get over there at least once a month to replenish our supply of HP Sauce, Branston Pickle, Red Leichester cheese, Curry Chicken Pasties, etc. It’s a nice little shop, but I can’t help feeling a little nostalgic for [tag]Touch of Britain[/tag]. I’ve been going there off and on for…dear heavens…for twenty years. They make the best egg and chips. And I love the ladies who run it. My family calls it “Love’s” after one of the owners who refers to customers in this fashion. Oh, the look on her face the first time I brought my husband to meet her. Sniffle.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The British Food Center. Well, they were out of my cheese and no [tag]Twiglets[/tag] were to be had. (Good thing my very yuppie grocery store has some.) I was informed that they have a bunch of stuff coming in at the end of October, including Christmas Crackers. (yay!) So, I paid for my tea, etc. and took my purchases back to the car. Getting said car out of the parking lot was a bit hampered by the muckle huge truck parked across the exit. They backed up a wee bit, and my lovely little green Subaru squeaked by and escaped.

My next stop was [tag]Whole Foods[/tag], land of things that I can eat. (You see, I have a few allergies to additives and such.) I actually parked in the garage for the first time. It was fun entering the store via the stairs from underneath. Mind you, it did make getting back to my car with my purchases a bit interesting, but I didn’t mind that much. I was going to get some crumpets while I was there, but the ones they had were a bit old. (Actually, that didn’t surprise me too much. Their scones are often the same way.) The main thing I love about Whole Foods is their cheese section. *swoon* *thud* I adore their [tag]Sottocerene Al Tartufo[/tag]. I did a cheese tasting at my place once, and that’s there I found my cheeses. I brought a list with me, but I still managed to leave without wax paper or bananas. I found a chocolate bar with chilies in it though. (It turns out that chocolate is the only thing I like chillies in that my husband doesn’t.)

The Middle:
Still with me? I rushed home to drop off my purchases, inhaled a bit of lunch, and drove over to pick up L. Then I happily spent a couple of hours in [tag]Target[/tag]. (We pronounce it Tar-zhay, you know, because it is a chic boutique. Well, according to my Mum anyway.) I had an excuse to wander up and down the aisles of a Target with two floors. It was great! Among the little bits and pieces that I bought was an organizer basket for the four (yes, four) microwaveable heat pack things we have lurking under the mail spot. It fits perfectly! Now I have space to add more stuff there. (I saw that eye roll.)

One thing that we learned from the Target portion of our expedition is that the cart will not leave that part of the parking lot. So, we had to gather up all of our bits and pieces (my basket came in really handy here) and lug them across the connector ramp to the JCPenny parking lot. After all of that heavy lifting, we deserved pretzels. Do we trudged back into the mall and found ourselves an [tag]Auntie Anne’s[/tag]. While we were waiting for our garlic pretzels with salt, we happened to notice that the back of the Pretzel Worker’s shirt said “Resistance is Futile.” I have to say that I agree with that sentiment. Those pretzels were really good.

Once we’d finished our light repast we wandered into a couple of stores, one of which was [tag]Bath and Body Works[/tag]. This was where I discovered to my despair that they have canceled my scent. That’s right. [tag]Pearberry[/tag] is no more. I searched the whole store, and I finally gave in and asked. (I hate asking. I don’t even ask for directions.) My worst fears were confirmed. *sob* Well, they won’t be getting any more of my money for a while. It’s a shame, too, as they seem to have finally done something about the scent bombardment problem in their stores. I didn’t have to run out after only a couple of minutes due to oncoming headache. If only they had done this sooner. Oh well.

It wasn’t much longer before we professed ourselves exhausted and I took L back home. Was this the end of my day? Nope.

The End:

I went home and picked up my husband so that we could have dinner out (for the first time all week!) Oh, yeah. And do some shopping. *sigh* After dinner, we popped by the pet shop to pick up kitty food…and talk to the animals. This time there was a new bunny named “Rambo.” He didn’t look very fierce, but then you can’t always tell a vorpal bunny on sight. We had usual argument…er…discussion about needing a new scratching post.

Me: We need a new scratching post.
Him: I know, but they still use the one we have.
Me: It’s completely shredded.
Him: They don’t seem to mind.

I swear that someday I will get a little extra money together and buy the cats the coolest scratching post/hideaway ever. Yes, money is the real issue, but we seem to have the same conversation every time we’re in there.

Next stop? The Mall! Yep. One day, two malls.


By this point I was seriously running out of steam, but we were on a mission. First, we dropped into [tag]Cost Plus[/tag]. We were there to buy a few more butter knives, as we always seem to run out of them first. (Actually, my hubby had called me at Target to ask me to pick up some knives while I was out. I just didn’t see anything I was happy with there.) He found the knives and I found…Gummy Eyeballs. Yes, indeed. I have decided to give out body parts for Halloween this year.

We paid for our purchased and strode off to the next store. It was [tag]Hot Topic[/tag]. Quite a dangerous store for T-Shirt lovers like myself. We had to stop there so I could show My Sweetie some things that his sister had mentioned that she would like for her birthday. That was the original plan, anyway. I did show him a few things, but then I saw the geekiest baby onesie ever. It’s R2 D2. I try not to make a habit of buying baby clothes. After nearly four years of trying with no results, buying baby anything leads to depression. But for this I made an exception. How could I not? It’s freakin’ R2 D2! So, of course, I bought it.

Heading for the car, I thought that we were going home. I pondered how nice it would be to just collapse. But no. My Husband made a left instead of a right, and we pulled into the parking lot of [tag]Borders Books[/tag]. This is rather like taking a smoker to a tobacco shop. It’s not just the Librarian/Book thing. No. Borders knows that [tag]Doctor Who[/tag] exists (unlike Barnes and Noble down the street.) Borders is where I buy Doctor Who Magazine. They have the new Tie-In novels. They also have the other magazines I love. Danger Will Robinson! I managed to escape with only four magazines and a copy of Finding Neverland. It was only $8 and I’ve been wanting it forever. I managed to talk myself out of buying any of the Doctor Who books, but I couldn’t leave that film in the store. You understand, right?

And then I went home and collapsed. It’s a good thing I got paid Friday. Wow. Just recounting my day is making me tired. For all of the fun I had, I hope that I don’t have to shop quite that hard again for a while. Next time I think I’ll just skip parts one and three, and just hang out with L at Target.

2 Responses to “Shop ‘Til You Drop”

  1. Emma Says:

    You have a lot of endurance! I’d never make it through such an Epic Shopping Journey!

    Our grocery store is great and has a British section (along with an Indian section, German section, etc.), but it would be fun to visit an all-Brit-foods-shop, too.

    Oh, and: chocolate+chilis=yum.

  2. Celticangel Says:

    Actually, a shopping trip of this size is Not a Good Idea(tm) for me. My nerves hated me by the end of the day. Mind you, it’s good to know I can persevere if I need to.

    Yay! You agree with me about the chili/chocolate numminess.

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