Slug Bug? So Five Minutes Ago

Over this past weekend, Koshvader and I went on a nice little road trip. We went as far south as SLO, stopped at and photographed two missions, visited Hearst Castle, found a squirrel tame enough to stand on my shoe, got stuck behind several very slow people on Highway 1, photographed a Surrey with the fringe on top, saw a bunch of illegal fireworks from a distance, and even went to two beaches without actually setting foot on the beach.

And what else did we do?

We invented a new game.

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the game known as “Slug Bug,” especially since Volkswagen has started putting a modified version of it in their commercials. For those few of you who have not yet encountered it, “Slug Bug” basically involves seeing a VW Bug before the other person playing the game (most often played while in a car for the record) and then hitting the other person (who did not see it first) and saying “Slug Bug.”

Well, out this way there are far less Bugs than there used to be, both classic and modern. What are there a whole bunch of these days?


And thus, my friends, the game called “‘Stang Bang” was invented. Basically, it has the same rules as “Slug Bug.” (Except for the one memorable “‘Stang Elbow” incident. If I may just say…ow!) The only thing that we have specified is that you can’t just keep hitting each other due to repeatedly passing the same darn car as you go down the road. That is just plain cheating, and therefore naughty.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and play! (Within reason, mind. Use your good judgment and don’t come crying to me if you get into a wreck. I have the smallest violin in the world and I’m not afraid to play it.)

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