Today I came home from work slightly before 10pm, discovered that we needed cat food, and then…my blood sugar suddenly dropped through the floor.

Like: Boom! No blood sugar! Instant Grizzly.

It was not comfortable. At all. I hate the shaking and inability to concentrate. And worse yet? The mood swing and the lack of quick consumables in the fridge. Well, ones that I could comprehend anyway.

Did you know that I had no pickles? Pickle relish, yes. Branston Pickle, yes. Pickles, no. This fact was very important to me for some reason as I stood staring into the fridge. How was I supposed to eat I toasted cheese sandwich with no sweet pickles? That’s just barbaric!

Well…I did. And then I went to the grocery store with my Mother-in-law. Bless the woman for a saint. The eating didn’t quite fix everything (weirdly enough) but I was human enough to get stuff at the store. Once we returned home, I had a sweet pickle. Oh, and a bit of chocolate. And then? Things looked a lot better.

Sometimes I wonder about my body.

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  1. Emma Says:

    Now I want a pickle!

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