Stitch Fix Review #1 – July 2016

I’d been hearing about this Stitch Fix thing recently, and I got to wondering about it. What’s Stitch Fix? Here’s a quick overview:

1) Create an account and fill out the information in your style profile. Choose a date you want your stitch fix to arrive (mine showed up 2 days early, probably because I’m so close to San Francisco.) Help out your stylist by creating a Pinterest board so that can see some of the stuff you’re interested in. You can also leave your stylist a note. (You an also choose your price range for each type of item and say if you don’t want a particular kind of thing.)

2) The styling/putting together of your package costs $20. That money can be put towards the price of the things you keep. Or, it’s the payment if you send back everything.

3) When your box arrives, you try your five clothes/shoes/accessories on. You decide what to keep and what to send back. You pay for the stuff you keep, and the returning of the things you don’t keep is free.

Interested? If you use my link to sign up, I get money towards my next box. Here’s my link.

I say my next box. But will I do this again after trying it? Yep!

Here’s how it went:

I scheduled my first fix and promptly started haunting Pinterest. I am a jeans an t-shirt person for various reasons (laziness, trouble finding things that fit, etc.) and I suddenly had an excuse to look at fashion. That was really fun. I was really excited about this. Cool clothes that come to me? No hours in the mall during which I find very little? Excellent!

I got the alert that I had a package, and I zoomed home at exactly quitting time. At the top of the post you can see what it looked like when I opened it. Luckily, no one was here but the cats to hear my happy squee.

I received a note from my stylist, Martha (Thanks, Martha!) and I could tell right away that the poor woman had gone through my notes on the Pinterest board I put together. This is how it worked out.

1) Honey Punch – Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan

This first item is a huge success. It has elbow patches!

It also goes mysteriously well with my Pusheen t-shirt. But really, it fits my shoulders well. The sleeves are a bit long, but that just means warm hands. I push my sleeves up all the time anyway, so it’s doubtful I will even think about this most of the time.

Did I mention the elbow patches?

Verdict: Keep (My precious!!)

2) DV8 – Dena Strappy Sandal

In my note to my stylist, I mentioned that any shoes I got needed some way to keep them on my feet. So, Martha made sure that these strappy sandals were indeed strappy. Sadly, the family duck feet (small heel, porportionally wider across the ball) struck again.

The strap on the front ended up being too tight, and the ankle straps were a tad too loose. I also wasn’t really sure about the orange and red combo they had going on. Sadly they had to go back. My strappy sandal quest continues.

Verdict: Returned

3) Adrianna Papell – Merell Ponte Dress

In my message to my stylist I also mentioned my lack of recent dresses. Like…I’m pretty sure that the ones I unearthed in my closet were older than some of my friends.

Poor Martha also seems to have read my notes on my Pinterest board as she also knew of my love for pockets. (I know that Donna from Doctor Who would agree with me here.) This well-made dress did, indeed, have pockets. The length was good for my (lack-of) height. I know I could have added something to it to give it more of a waist, but I had to send it back. It draped on me strangely.

Don’t believe me? Well, here I am standing on a stool in the bathroom to get a pic. (I really need to get a full length mirror…)

See? Maybe I’ll try a wrap dress next time. Too bad about the pockets.

Verdict: Returned

4) Daniel Rainn – Wilken Lace Back Blouse

As I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest lately, I’ve become fascinated by all the different kinds of shirts that are in right now. There’s all manner of sheer shirts, ones with keyholes and other cut-outs, split back, lace all over the place, and even some that combine these trends. This blouse though, has an entire back made of lace.

So fun! I’m thinking I need some sort of snazzy bra or lacy camisole to go with this one. Or at least that’s what I gather? I really am pretty clueless when it comes to fashion for all that I like to look at it. One thing I do know is that Burgundy is supposed to be one of the big colors for the Fall. Since the Fall is inevitably warm here, I think I have that part covered.

The split neck on the front of this one goes a bit deeper than I’m used to, but I think it just gives me an excuse to get one of those delicate lariat necklaces that are out now. Look at that. One shirt that comes with two built-in excuses to get “things to go with it.” I love third paycheck month.

Yes. I’m keeping this one.

Verdict: Keep (so much)

5) Kut From the Kloth – Aviva Distressed Boyfriend Jean

I always have trouble finding jeans that fit me. It’s been that way ever since I started getting hips. There’s a reason I’ve been buying my jeans at Bass Pro Shop of late.

Martha made an effort to find a pair of fun jeans that would fit me. Strangely these jeans seemed to be okay as far as my hips were concerned, but they were defeated by my calves. I had no idea that my lower legs were so mighty! These jeans came cuffed and my legs wouldn’t let me pull them on quite all the way. Sigh. Ah well, maybe next time I’ll size up and try again.

Or…maybe find a shore that carries this brand and go there to try the darn things on in advance so we’ll know for next time. Either/or.

No photo of me in these jeans. Sorry.

Verdict: Returned

Well, there you go. My very first Stitch Fix. Three items sent back. Two items kept. Lots of fun and a step towards dragging my closet out of the ’90s.

My thanks to Martha for her efforts.

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