Stress Relief

My favorite photographic subject seems to be Koshvader’s back.

I’ve been experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety lately. It’s the usual cocktail of money/job/relationship stuff with a heaping side of can’t-seem-to-get-pregnant. Meh.

All of that is really annoying and makes it difficult to sleep/concentrate/wake up, you know? Plus, with my nervous system, it also means that any tiny little thing makes my cry. For like…two hours if I’m not careful. Things like a balloon popping (which makes me cry all of the time anyway. What is it with me and popping balloons? For some reason the noise just goes right through me. All sorts of fun in social situations, let me tell you.), missing a phone call, or making a mistake. This, in and of itself, is really annoying and stressful.

So, what I want to know is, what do you do to [tag]relieve stress[/tag]? I mean, obviously there’s “have lots of sex” (fun, but hard to work into one’s schedule on a daily basis) and “have a nice cup of tea” (the pause that refreshes, but one must stick to decaf or herbal is one wishes to sleep at night. Have I mentioned that I drink a lot of tea?) What has been working best for me lately is photography. It forces me to try and think creatively. It also forces me to get out of the house, which is not my preference when I’m feeling like this. I’m a hermit at the best of times. An interesting side effect of all of this photography-based travel has been my gut opinion of places. (Sometimes being an HSP can be a bit entertaining. Who knew?) For example, I love this one beach in Pacifica. There’s just something about it that I connect with. But I went to Stinson Beach the other day, and I found it to be not soothing. Easy to walk on, yes. Soothing, no. The parking lot for said beach in the evening? That was soothing. No idea why. *shrug*

Oh. And petting cats is nice too.

What do you lot do to [tag]relax[/tag]?

2 Responses to “Stress Relief”

  1. Emma Says:

    You’re not alone in that balloon issue. I know someone else who feels the exact same way.

    I agree that photography can be good for stress relief.

    To relax, I like to spend time outside. Being around green and natural landscapes slows us down.

    If I lived nearer to the ocean, I’d definitely spend a lot of time there because that is majorly relaxing for me.

    But what I mostly do is sit outside and read a book.

    Also, for me yoga is very important for dealing with stress.

    When I’m super-stressed, repetitive computer games (matching games like Bejeweled) are good. I recommend Pastry Passion. You can download a free trial from all sorts of sites.

    I hope you find some stress relief very soon!

  2. angel Says:

    Emma, really?? Wow. Good to know I’m not alone. I’ve actually started actively hating balloons, and I never did when I was younger. Perhaps I’m just more aware of the embarrassing factor now. Thanks for your suggestions. I encountered a Yoga ball for the first time yesterday…and now I want one. It’s fun!

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