T-Shirt *mumble*day

It may not be Tuesday, but here’s a t-shirt. (I finally got around to resizing some of the the photos.)

This shirt was a gift from a friend at work. Isn’t it nice how it’s geeky twice? It’s all reading-cool and Star Trek-cool, too. (And if you really want one, you can get it here.)

Now…I wonder where I can find a bat’leth. Hmm.

4 Responses to “T-Shirt *mumble*day”

  1. gypsy_ritsa Says:

    We have a bat’leth on top of one of the bookcases in our study. :)

  2. Emma Says:

    That’s funny. =D

  3. angel Says:

    Do you feel the envy from here, Nicole?

    Glad you like it, Emma. :)

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