T-Shirt…Thursday: Rebel with Applause

It’s t-shirt…Thursday. This t-shirt thing seems to be going rogue. So…keep an eye on your t-shirts just in case it’s one big conspiracy to take over the world. Stranger things have happened after all. Like that time I’d actually seen a film that someone asked me about while I was sitting at the dentist’s office calmly getting my teeth cleaned. Wait…that was yesterday. Okay. How about the fact that I’ve sung songs from The Sound of Music in public in front of a lot of people, yet I’ve never actually seen the film? No? What? Not something film-related? Not even the time I stayed up really late helping to film a scene for a short film about a human lab rat? Oh. Still film. Right. Ummm…well…I’ve had doors open for me before. Doors that I wasn’t supposed to be able to open. That’s weird, right?

At least as weird as The Great T-shirt Rebellion, yeah?

Right. Back to the t-shirt.

This week’s t-shirt comes with a story.

Once upon a time I heard about a t-shirt that somebody-or-other one one of my online listservs had purchased. It sounded so cool! One tiny problem though. The shirt had come from Stratford, Ontario and I was in California. But then an extraordinary thing happened. Remember the shirt that I got from RCW139? RCW139, the Due South Convention that I went to Toronto for? Well, wouldn’t you know it? I heard about this shirt right before i heard about the plans for RCW139. One of the outside events that you could get in on during that convention was a trip to Stratford to see King Lear. So, of course I signed on the dotted line, and I ended up having just enough time before the show to pop in and get my shirt from the shop there. Quite a long way to travel for a shirt, but I think that the shirt is just that cool.

The End.

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