T-Shirt Tuesday: Al-Team


Greetings all. This week’s T-Shirt Tuesday shirt takes a bit of explaining. (Yeah. I know. What else is new?)

Okay. First of all, yes, the shirt is an obnoxious chartreuse green.

“Al-Team” refers to a group of Weird Al Yankovic fans, of which I am one. Each fan has a number and goes on a list. That number is also on the back of the shirt (see below). Yes. My number is the squared velocity of light. In my defense, small “i” was taken. And C squared is also quite appropriate to my initials. (And Koshvader’s, but that’s beside the point.)

The hamster in the picture is Harvey the Wonder Hamster. (You can listen to his theme song, here.) He used to be on Al’s shows with him.

The Spatula is a reference to a certain commercial from the film UHF:

The shirt dates from before the dot bomb, I know that much. So, it’s at least ten years old. And even though I rarely wear it, I still keep it. I am a member of the Al-Team, and I’m proud.


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