T-Shirt Tuesday: Due South


As you can probably tell from the front of this shirt, I like Due South. And yes, I do have all the episodes on DVD.

If I recall correctly, I got this t-shirt in Toronto during RCW 139, the Due South Fan convention. In fact, it’s from the first one (and the only one I attended, sad to say) back in 1996. It was put on by folks from the Due South Mailing list. We even managed to startle the catering staff at one point by bursting into song. (If I ever manage to unearth the photos from the event, I’ll scan and post them here. Though…I know that a couple of them were of the front of the coroner’s office, as Forever Knight was also filmed in Toronto.)

It was also the first, and only, time I’ve been to Toronto. *sniffle* I would really like to go back someday.

Thank you kindly for reading.


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  1. John Wright Says:

    Hi There!

    I came across this posting in a general search and I have never actually seen this t-shirt before – very cool! I’m John and the co-chairman of the RCW 139 organising committee. I just wanted to let you know that we brought the convention back in 2008, and because of its success we did it again in 2010.

    We are very pleased to say that we are noe prepping the 2012 Convention in Toronto so we would love it if you could come! Dont worry if you cant as we offer goodie bags and all sorts of great things for people who cant make it. Go to our site http://www.rcw139.org for all the information!

    Thank you kindly!

  2. angel Says:

    Thanks! I had a great time there back in the day. Somewhere I even have a pic of me sitting on the Riv! I’ll be sure to check it out.

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