T-Shirt Tuesday: Eeyore

Bearing in mind my mood this week, I thought I should go with this particular shirt.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Eeyore

Here’s the front of the shirt.

And the back.

I’m not really sure how I ended up with this shirt. Was it Koshvader’s at one point, or was that one Winnie the Pooh? Perhaps I inherited it from another member of my family? (Sister Mine? Any ideas?) Well, it doesn’t matter how I came buy it, really. I happen to love Eeyore. I even have obnoxious Eeyore slippers (the better to freak out my cats, apparently.) So, I expect that this shirt will remain in my collection for the foreseeable future.

3 Responses to “T-Shirt Tuesday: Eeyore”

  1. Emma Says:


    I like the Eeyore, though…

  2. The Sister Says:

    It was I! A hand me down from moi, I am afraid. I feel you on the days of Eeyore. Work is sucking the joy out of my existence. And weekends are too short. *hugs*

  3. angel Says:

    I’m glad you like Eeyore, Emma.

    ah Ha! Thanks, Sister Mine. …And I hope that work stops sucking soon.

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