T-Shirt Tuesday: Gale Fact Farm

Guess what happened last week? I completely forgot about T-Shirt Tuesday until Saturday. Yep. So, if you happen to see my brain wandering about out there somewhere, could you please send it back my way?

This week’s shirt is directly related to a) My Mum and b) The Family Business. I am a librarian, like my parents before me. And my mother gave me this shirt more than ten years ago, after getting it from one of her vendors. One assumes that it was the Gale rep, but who knows? It works out well that I’m in the same business. I even wore it to work once, and folks a) found it amusing and b) understood who Gale was without me having to explain anything.

(For those of you who aren’t librarians, related to one, or addicted to libraries, Gale is a publisher well known for their non-fiction.)

2 Responses to “T-Shirt Tuesday: Gale Fact Farm”

  1. Dianne Says:

    This T-shirt is great fun, thanks for sharing it.

  2. angel Says:

    You are most welcome. :D

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