T-Shirt Tuesday: Open Body – Close Body


This week’s T-Shirt Tuesday Tee is:

The Open Body – Close Body shirt. For those of you who do not know HTML, a basic website is made up of – Open html, Open Head, Close Head, Open Body, Close Body, and Close html.

It sort of looks like the example below (but with “<" not "["):

[html] (open html – tells the browser to start reading here)
[head] (open head – this is where extra code such a javascript goes, as well as the “title.”)

[title]Example Page[/title] (Open title, the text you want to appear at the top of the browser page – up above the address bar, close title.)

[/head] (close head – we are all done with the spot for code and stylesheets, etc.)
[body] (open body – this tells the browser that it has reached the section of the website that displays in a browser page. This is where all of the stuff that you see in your browser window goes.)

[center] (open center – you are telling the browser to center the next stuff it sees, in this case…)
[h1]Hello[/h1] (open h1 – Heading 1 is the largest of the headings. It makes your text large. Our terribly interesting heading in this case is: Hello., Close h1 – enough with the heading already.)
[/center] (close center – This tells the browser to stop with all of this centering nonsense.)

[/body] (close body – Ok. Done with the stuff to display in the browser window.)
[/html] (close html – This tells the browser that it can stop reading the code for this page, as it’s all done.)

Now, as you might imagine, there is a hat with the head statement on it out there. Just don’t wear it backwards, or you’ll get an error. *wink*

It seems to me that I got this T-Shirt from Thinkgeek. I’m not sure if I bought it myself, or it was a gift. I’m thinking that I got it myself as I was doing a great deal of html coding back then. Yes. I love my geeky t-shirt.


You know, I didn’t mean to give y’all my quick intro to html (hypertext markup language), but there you go. I hope that it comes in handy for you someday.

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