So…welcome to T-Shirt Wednesday.

I didn’t manage to post yesterday. Sorry about that. And here I was trying to post all regular-like. *hangs head in shame*

Wait! I can explain! The server was actually down for a while to allow for migration to a new server. And…

I was at a concert!

I may have mentioned an upcoming concert on this blog a while back. Well, that concert was last night. I just couldn’t resist the combination of Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner all in the same venue. And the show was excellent. Styx especially did a fabulous job of putting on a show.

When I went to look at t-shirts, I was intent upon getting one that had all three band names on it. How better to commemorate a show this full of awesome? And then, I saw the t-shirt pictured above. It should be explained here that my favorite Styx song is Renegade. So, how was I supposed to resist a shirt featuring “Renegade,” “Styx,” The words to the darn song, a rose, wings!!, and crossed smoking revolvers? (Side note: I think this shirt would go very well with Mal’s coat from Firefly. Sadly, I don’t have one.)

So, yeah. I totally caved. And ended up buying two shirts. One for me and one for Koshvader (that he says I may borrow if I need to.) He is the proud owner of the three band United in Rock shirt. I have this one.

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