Tales from the Bulletin Board: Cockade

I may have mentioned that I’m madly cleaning my place during my special-shiny-extended-weekend. For the record, it’s a control thing for me. When I’m really stressed out, I clean and by controlling my environment, I feel a bit more in control in general. Yay coping mechanism!

One of the things I’m doing is moving a few things around (like my mail station) and clearing off my cork boards.

From the Cork Board:

From the Forgotten English day by day calendar – Friday May 21 (year ?):

Cockade: A ribbon or knot of ribbon, or something similar, worn on the hat, usually by officers of the army or navy, sometimes by others. – John Ogilvie’s Comprehensive English Dictionary, 1865

Why I saved it:

Well, I expect that it was in reference to the pub I used to love called The White Cockade. I miss that place. You drove along the 9 for a bit longer than you expected and kept a close eye on the right. It was a great place to be on a dreich day. Sigh.

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