Tales from the Tabs

I tend to collect interesting bits of internetness in my browser tabs for later viewing. (You all do that too, right?)

Since I have to update and restart my computer soon, I thought that I’d share my current tabs with you lot.

Here we go:


Have I mentioned how much xkcd rules? It is a webcomic of extreme coolness. (As you can see…)

* I want to try this Coconut Curry Chicken Recipe. It sounds really good. And on the subject of food, I’m looking for some good casserole/hot dish recipes. If you have some good ones, please let me know.

* If you have an iphone or ipod Touch and are a Stargate fan, you might like to get this DHD app.

I still want this SurvivalStraps Survival bracelet from Think Geek. I wonder how many more times I’ll go look at it before I buy it.

Have I mentioned my obsession with learning Latin? Well, I’ve finally found a podcast that I want to try. Perhaps I’ll finally get into the swing of things. (And yes. I have taken Latin before.)

This gave me such a giggle – Top Shelf Announces ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1988′. (Yes. This was an April Fool’s Joke. Too bad, though.)

Clever marketing ploy – A t-shirt that says “Health Reform is a BFD.”

And finally…

The reason I want an ipad (though I *am* waiting for the second generation) – The Star Trek ipadd

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