Tales from the Weekend

This weekend in four pictures and also some words.

Here we see Frisbee, who has decided to leap up on the desk (from the floor!!) and in the process scratched my hand and typed a whole lot of the number 7. This is a new thing of his. (He’s done it a whole two times so far.) As you can see, I took a picture and giggled before I made him get down.

Imagine if you will: I’m in the kitchen and Samwise starts his “pay attention to me” yowl from somewhere around the corner. So I come out, only to find what you can see above. Sam had somehow gotten into the clothes hamper (he was in with the lights, for the record) and then kindly stayed long enough for me to photograph him. No idea what that was all about.

Did you know that Frisbee occasionally works part time as a pillow? Well, now you do courtesy of a certain Little Bear that was visiting us today. (This just in: I now have art on my fridge.)

And this was the view this evening as I sat in the car waiting for the others to finish their shopping. I am still not pregnant, and I think that the rain in this image expresses how I was feeling at that point. Le sigh.

4 Responses to “Tales from the Weekend”

  1. The Sister Says:

    Le sigh…right back at you. :( And big hugs too.

  2. angel Says:

    Thanks, Sister Mine. At least there are silly cats in my life.

  3. Liz Says:

    *hug* silly cats, loving friends.

    yeah. Le sigh… this babymaking thing shouldnt be this much work.

  4. angel Says:

    I’d like to annoy your cat again sometime, Liz. :)

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