The Next 101 Things List

I’m trying that 101 Things in 1001 Days thing again. So, here’s my list…

(bold=done, italics=in process)
Starting: 1 October 2013
Ending: 28 June 2016

1. Go to Scotland with Debbie and Scott
2. Renew Passports
3. Spend a weekend Healdsburg
4. Spend a weekend in Capitola
5. Spend a weekend in Point Reyes
6. Attend Gallifrey One 2014
7. Attend TimeGate 2014
8. Go to Internet Librarian 2013
9. Survive a trip to Dragon*Con 2014
10. Visit Filoli
11. Hot Air Balloon Ride
12. Go to the Niles Essenay and see a film
13. Go to the Sacramento Zoo
14. Go to Disney World (w/ Scott and Debbie)
15. Go to Hawaii (w/ Scott and Debbie)
16. Go to the Walt Disney Family Museum
17. Check out the new Exploratorium
18. Ride the Skunk train
19. Go to Las Vegas
20. get one of those maps to record travels
21. Travel to a new state with Chris
22. Go to Benihana
23. Go see the Northern Lights
24. go to the Lawrence Hall of Science
25. go to Dicken’s Faire
26. go to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter
27. Go to the SFMOMA
28. Upgrade luggage
29. Go to the De Young Museum
30. Find Shell Beach and photograph it
31. Go on 5 hikes
32. Go to the Cal Academy of Sciences
33. Go to the La Brea Tar Pits
34. Go to the Legion of Honor museum
35. Go to Maker Faire
36. Go to the Getty
37. Go to Yosemite
38. Actually make it inside of the Ahwahnee
39. go to a mission
40. Visit a lighthouse

Home & Family
41. Move
42. Get Safety Deposit box
43. Get a new bed
44. Purchase new financial software
45. Move everything off of the old computer.
46. Play 5 new games
47. Play a round of mini golf
48. Look into an electric train for Xmas
49. Clean out Chris’ Grandpa’s place
50. Clean out Chris’ Mom’s place
51. Clean out the shed
52. Get a new couch
53. get the correct amount of sleep for a week
54. Eat at home for a week
55. clean closet in office
56. Clean closet in bedroom
57. Clean the office
58. get rid of old sewing machine
59. Get rid of old desk
60. Get rings resized
61. Find a person that repairs watches
62. Clean the upstairs bathroom
63. Tidy the filing cabinet
64. Organize JoAnn’s files
65. Tidy iTunes
66. Meet 5 more online friends in person

Creative Pursuits
67. Read: Scenes for Actors and Voices
68. Make something with the Dehydrator
69. Make a fairy (normal, tea, pizza, etc.)
70. Knit something other than a scarf.
71. Do one Arduino project.
72. Take 5 amazing photographs.
73. try 5 new crafts.
74. write 5 poems
75. Brew something alcoholic
76. post on Celticangel at least 5 times
77. cook something in the Crock Pot
78. Make something with a knitting loom
79. Hunt down the sort of loom dad has
80. Try crystal growing
81. Learn to make something with origami
82. Draw something
83. Edit a video
84. Record 10 podfics
85. Do something with audio that isn’t podfic or a podcast
86. Do a project with the Raspberry Pi\
87. Sew something
88. Fix Anne Marie’s afghan
89. Make something using the bead loom
90. Crochet something
91. Update the episode lists on Articles
92. Do ITPE in 2013
93. edit a book for Debbie
94. Watch Men with Brooms
95. Watch Season 1 of Starsky & Hutch
96. Watch Season 1 of White Collar
97. Get paid for something else
98. Rewatch original Tomorrow People
99. Watch View to a Kill


100: Work on the Bucket List (You should see mine…epically long)
101. Make another 101/1001 list when this one is done.

2 Responses to “The Next 101 Things List”

  1. Liz Says:

    Need any help knocking some of those out?

    I’d watch Men With Brooms again, for instance. And I have a good watch repair guy.

  2. angel Says:

    Sounds good to me… :)

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