The Next One

Well, I finally wrapped my brain around the image for JM’s Naturally Curvy. You can see the final result below.


…And I’m feeling a bit like George Michael right now, if Sister Mine will forgive the analogy. ‘Cause, folks, that is a picture of my behind. This image bloomed in my brain, and I said, “Of course!” And then I couldn’t find the sort of picture I wanted on the free image site that I had the link to. So, what else could I do but annoy Koshvader by requesting that he photograph my derriere? (He hates taking pictures of living things, you see.) Well…he took the photo, as you can tell. Somehow I managed to get everything to be the color of the soon to be banner for the site and made it all artsy-looking. And here is the result. My behind immortalized in art.

Right then. Three down. One to go.

3 Responses to “The Next One”

  1. JM Says:

    I think it’s great to have pictures out there that have a personal story to them. Even if the majority of people don’t know, you can still look at your art and smile.

  2. The Sister Says:

    LOL! Funny. Loving your tush art. And…no need to forgive the George Michael analogy! It works & you worked it!

  3. angel Says:

    True, JM. :)

    Thanks, Sister Mine.

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