The State of the Me

Hello to you few folks who still read this blog. *waves*

Things have been a bit stressful here of late, so I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating/being creative. Sadly, poetry about depression has always seemed a bit…melodramatic to me, so until I actually manage to come up with something interesting…I won’t be posting anything like that.

So, let’s go on to a quick rundown of the good stuff, shall we?

I went to a surprise party a week or so ago. The surprise worked! Huzzah!

Behold the cake of amazingness! –

In other news I actually went to one of those cookie swap things. Yes, that’s right, I baked cookies. I would like to point out here that I do not own a stand mixer. (I do, however, really really want one…mind you…I have no idea where I’d put it.) I, the hermit, went to a party where I knew a whole two people, met some nice folks (and two cats), had soup, chatted, lifted a large cat (…I have a thing about large cats, and he didn’t seem to mind…), and generally had a nice time. That’s two (Count them, two! *ah ah ah*) social engagements in a week. Weird.

Wanna know what else is weird?

I made Chicken Tikka Masala! (Yes…that means I cooked)

It didn’t turn out too bad for a first try. Also? I have all sorts of notes for my next attempt. I even bought a new skillet for it (shown above.) I’ve used the skillet a whole bunch since I got it (note to self: get a lid for it, darn you!) and it’s fab.

So…there you are. An update with socializing and cooking. Darn it…I’m hungry now. But it’s time for bed. Night all!

6 Responses to “The State of the Me”

  1. The Vig Says:

    Can you send me the recipie? What is the name of the skillit you purchased?

  2. angel Says:

    Hey, The Vig. It’s a Paula Deen skillet. Twelve inches, I think? And the recipe is from Jamie’s Food Revolution. Yes, I can send you the recipe…but it is a wee bit spicy. Also, I need to try the recipe again with some adaptations if you want to wait for that.

  3. Steph Says:

    That masala looks good! And the cake looks pretty good too!

  4. Emma Says:

    So, how many different kinds of cookies did you get? :)

  5. angel Says:

    Well, Steph, you would certainly know about cakes, yeah? ;) And yeah, the curry was decent. I expect the next batch to be better.

    I think I got 6 kinds, Emma. I made dark chocolate chip cookies, btw. How are you doing?

  6. Liz Says:

    mmmm. yay for cookies, yay for seeing a Calliope. (huggle) Hope you have an awesome christmas-yule-family time.

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