The Truck and the Ghost

The Truck

Are you familiar with the term Big Dick Truck? No? Well, generally speaking it connotes a large truck, often with extra bells and whistles, with the subtext that said truck is…er…compensating for a lack of size elsewhere.

With me now? On the way to work the other day I found myself behind one such truck. It was a very large black thing that must run through gasoline like water. Also…it sought to extend the “Big Dick Truck” metaphor one step further.


You can see why I had to dig out my camera at the light. This Big Dick Truck even has testicles! Dear Heavens. Makes one wonder about the driver of such a vehicle, doesn’t it?

The Ghost

Have you ever experienced that thing where someone you know dies, and then you start seeing them everywhere? I have. When my friend Kathi died right after graduating from High School, she seemed to be everywhere I looked for weeks afterward. This phenomenon tends to be restricted to the following couple of months in my experience. (Actually, I’d be interested in input on this. When my kitty-girl passed on I saw/heard her for longer than expected.) Anyway, I have a friend whose partner died back in November. I went to the memorial service and everything. (She was such a bright light.) A couple of days ago, I saw someone who was the spittin’ image of her walk by the Reference Desk while I was working. Her hair is a bit longer, but she even walks the same. The especially creepy thing is that I only ever saw E. in the library. Mind you, this young lady has yet to come talk about films and literature with me, but still… It’s kind of eerie.

5 Responses to “The Truck and the Ghost”

  1. Emma Says:

    I have seen those things, too! =D Oh, what do they call them…truck nuts or something?? Well, I have to admit they make me laugh.

    I don’t have any solid data to contribute to the ghost study, but I will say this: We had a kitty named Chaim who died years ago and sometimes we still see him or hear him around the house!

  2. The Sister Says:

    Oh…Lordy. I hate those ugly things. Yea. Seen them before. If someone from an on-line dating service drove up with one of those on their vehicle…I would exit stage left!! Got a good story though…Friend’s mother’s friend works as a clerk at the local catholic church. (Ever met Sandy?) She’s soft spoken, sweet, and pretty innocent -really! Her husband tells a story about parking next to one at a red light in Citrus Heights a while back. Sandy motioned to the driver to roll down his window. He complied and she asked him “where’d you get your balls?” Very funny.

    I don’t know much about ghosts but, if you see someone resembling Grandpa…ask where the strong box is!

  3. angel Says:

    Emma, oh dear. I have a huge ghost phobia, but now that I’ve decided that Spock isn’t angry with me, occasionally still thinking I hear her doesn’t freak me out too much.

    Sister Mine, that is hilarious. Obviously I need to meet Sandy if I haven’t yet. I’ll be sure to inquire if I see him. It’s missing? That’s not good. Have they checked his wee closet? Hmmm…if I only knew what it looked like…

  4. The Sister Says:

    Ah…the church strong box Grandpa used for storing fund raiser $$. He was the keeper of it. After he passed it was (empty) noted missing. The joke is that he took it with him. I want to know how he managed that!

  5. angel Says:

    God probably wanted him to use it for something.

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