Thought Processes

As if I needed further proof that I think too much about my thought processes…I’ve just realized that in my head everything is a puzzle. It’s sort of like Tetris (which I’ve never played, by the way) in that every concept is a block. Like with math, the block for 4 and the block for 6 combine to make a 10 block. But it’s the same way with time management or projects. Upon further thought (big surprise) I think that it has something to do with “order.” Like a row of books on a shelf in a library are blocks in the correct order.

My brain is a weird, weird place to be. At least it’s not all just blocks and order in a specific way. Sometimes things just match up in a strange new way. Like the solution to a problem or taking bits from two different arenas to produce humor. That’s when things get interesting…or I get the usual weird looks.

I’m used to that.

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