Today: Win or Fail? and Other Stories

Let’s look at today and see how it totals up, shall we?

I had to get up early (fail) to go deal with a fix-it ticket (fail) that I had already mailed but came back to me due to not enough postage. (fail)

I remembered to pack a lunch (win), found a parking spot right out front of the place I had to go to (divine intervention win), and had to stand in a long line (fail). But I made it back to my car with three minutes to spare on the meter (divine intervention win).

I ended up being late to work (fail), but it didn’t adversely affect the desk schedule and I could just work a bit later to make up for it. (win)

My ankle randomly started hurting at work and I seem to have a wee cold (fail). But I bought a new ace bandage (win)…and I’m experimenting with some cold meds (win or fail? dunno yet.) You see, I have all kinds of problems with meds in general, and historically cold meds and I don’t interact well. So, I thought…why not experiment? [insert mad scientist laugh here]

Now I’m home after shopping for food for the family and my poor kitty with one tooth. (Not that it seems to be slowing him down at all. We just thought he’d like a bit of a supplement.) Hmmm…I’m home now with my ankle wrapped, food put away, and meds taken, so…(win).

I think, in light of the fact that the day is over and I’m in my comfy bed, I’ll unscientifically call today a win. Any day you can walk away from, eh?

In other news, my Mother-in-Law is home! We mostly have the care situation figured out, so now we’re working on the next steps.

Well, it seems like the cold meds are starting to make me dizzy, so I’d better sigh off. Night all!

2 Responses to “Today: Win or Fail? and Other Stories”

  1. The Sister Says:

    I am so glad she is finally home with you all. :) WIN!

  2. angel Says:

    Win, indeed. :D

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