Tuesday List: Impossible

Welcome to this week’sTuesday List. …Which is not as Impossible as it might seem. This week, anyway. Anyway, the next Cover to Cover book is Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed. Have you found a copy of the book yet? It’s a short one this time, so I expect you’ll have the time to read it by June 8. Also, my A Book By Any Other Name challenge has begun its third week. Can you come up with some titles? Check out Monday’s post for the rules.

Have you been reading anything interesting lately? Comment and let me know. And now, my current list:

Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed – This is the book for the next Cover to Cover. It’s way cool.

Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time: A Reader’s Companion edited by Stephen Hawking – I can almost feel myself getting smarter.

Speaking of Silents: First Ladies of the Screen by William M. Drew – I need to finish this one soon, so that I can return it to the library.

Doctor Who: The Inside Story by Gary Russell – I’ve read a whole one page more.

If you have suggestions for Cover to Cover, please let me know. I *will* expect you to participate if we use the suggestion, though.

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